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Run an easier fundraising round with the UK’s only end-to-end Assisted Fundraising service and investor platform.


This is how
we can help

No matter what stage of the journey you’re at, we’ve got the expertise to reduce your stress and get you funded, faster.

If you need support to successfully raise money, talk to us today.

Funding strategy

We'll work with you on the right approach to take based on your current situation, sector and business needs.

Story development

Your investment narrative is crucial for you to get attention from the right investors early in the process.

financial models

We'll audit and advise on your financial model. If you don't have one we'll help you create exactly what investors want.



Get help crafting the perfect pitch decks for you to send or present live, either 1:1 or at demo days and events.


Your data room has to contain all the latest and most relevant info. We'll make sure that nothing is missing or incorrect.


You need to find the right investors. We'll help you target and connect with people actively investing in your space.


Our team will make sure that any term sheets and valuations don't contain any nasty surprises for you in the future.


You can optionally choose to be featured on our invite only investor and intermediary deal platform if approved.

Meet your new
fundraising team

When it comes to startups – from idea to IPO – we’ve been there and done it.

Experts in technology, finance, marketing and VC bring their years of experience to help you on your journey.

Jeb Buckler

CEO and Founder

Constant innovator behind Startup Giants. Breathes ideas, finance and strategies.
Not afraid to say no, but gets excited about opportunities created by saying yes.

Kevin Doyle

Investment Board Chairman

A serial entrepreneur himself, Kevin brings his wealth of experience to the team and shares it preparing Entrepreneurs for VC and PE Fund campaigning.

Sam Keisner

Head of Fundraising

Digging deep into the heart of every entrepreneur’s business, Sam’s connections and ability to match the right people to fund specific projects helps them get funded.

Steve Tuson

Investor Relations

Builder of relationships with private investors and funds. Never shy of a tough conversation, Steve’s honesty earns him great respect within his field.

Helen Archer

Commercial Director

Honest and straight to the point Helen supports every aspect of our entrepreneur’s journeys with her razor sharp venture-building acumen.

Dan McDevitt

Pitch Specialist

With 25+ years commercial and creative experience, Dan helps our entrepreneurs write, design and deliver successful investment pitches and decks.

Amelia Coutisson

Executive Assistant to the Board

Amelia has typed ‘organised’ before you’ve finished thinking it. Keeping everyone in the loop and communicating, she ensures we’re all on the same track.

How it works

Our Assisted Fundraising programme takes you through from initial strategy to money in the bank.


Start your assisted raise with a free advisor session about fundraising.


The programme starts with helping to create a fundraising strategy.


We'll guide you through financial models, pitch decks and more.


We'll connect and introduce you to appropriate investors.


Your advisor will be on-hand as you negotiate terms for your deal.

Get featured on our invite-only investor platform

Our global Professional Investors have exclusive access to our top level Founder deals via our private first-look platform.

You can choose to be featured as an optional extra in your raise.

Start your Assisted Fundraise by completing the
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